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Giving significant demand from the Token Pre-sale. Triggmine announces its Public Token Sale starting from July 23

Token Pre Sale Sold
3000 ETH 100%
Soft Cap 3000 ETH
Reached Token Sale Hardcap

If you represent a fund or pool, please fill in this form or write to [email protected].

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What is Triggmine

Triggmine is the first of its kind decentralized platform that provides SMBs with the previously impossible quality of marketing automation services with payment for efficient actions, not monthly subscription. It adjusts to ever-changing business parameters and individual characteristics of each online store with Artificial Intelligence, self-adjustable intelligent system, decentralized protocol, and network consensus.


SMB in eCommerce sector get access to the intelligent self adjustable platform empowered with Big Data and AI in a simple and user-friendly interface that enables a drastically new, hyper personalized level of marketing communications.
Third party developers (Data providers, AI developers, Solution providers, marketing channels) get access to an open and free market that is not controlled by any central party due to the implementation of blockchain technology.
All platform operations are based on Consensus and secured with strong economical incentivisation model for each participant with payment exclusively for the unit of efficient action and not for monthly subscription.

How it works

Triggmine unites businesses and service providers into a single platform to enable the brand-new way of doing marketing automation with the help of the following technologies:


Blockchain technology acts as the tool for decentralization and creating economic incentive. This is the only technology to ensure complete independence from the control of any principal party.

Artificial Intelligence

The intelligent self-adjustable system assists in reaching a new level of personalization that will help small and medium-sized businesses compete with enterprises in terms of providing better customer experience.


Consensus is a multi-party agreement — a protocol followed by all types of involved parties. It enables the specification of the obligations each of the parties must follow to trigger the exchange of payment.

Benefits of using Triggmine

for eCommerce businesses
Get personalized marketing automation stack paying only for proven results and units of efficient actions instead of monthly subscription. The integration is smooth and simple due to the API method and six modules already developed.
for Data Providers
Get reward for each use of the data by other participants of the platform, as well as the access to the platform to sell their services. Provide the necessary data for further enrichment and improvement to shape the end-users preferences.
for AI Developers
Get reward for providing relevant information that positively affect other platform participants and a market to provide their services. Create new algorithms and networks, use data sets to empower their modules and create self-sustained AI products.
for Marketing Channels Providers
Get reward for each successful action within the particular channel and a market to provide their services. Relate to all solutions responsible for the transfer of marketing communications with retargeting, messenger, push, voice assistants, and many more.
Alpha is already released

Participants of the Triggmine platform interact with each other within a global ecosystem. Triggmine Token (TRG) is a means of creating economic incentives to reward platform members. TRG acts as the main component enabling Triggmine Consensus between participants. Purchase of tokens as a payment instrument for particular campaign takes place before the actual event, while the distribution of the reward proceeds after the result is known exclusively for effective action.

Supported Platforms


Advisory Board

Ed Wiley

Stanford-trained PhD Statistician and Data Scientist, former McKinsey management consultant. 20+ years experience in Big Data & Analytics consulting.

Denis Dovgopoliy

Managing partner of GrowthUP Group, co-founder and president of the GrowthUP Accelerator. Executive committee member of iForum, Silicon Valley Open Doors, IDCEE, Startup Crash Test, SVOD Europe, and others.

Pavel Hilman

Over a decade of experience in the financial industry and private venture investments, one of the leading accredited investors in various high-technology projects across the globe.

Andrey Khavryuchenko

4 years in crypto and 26 years in software development as blockchain architect, 20 years in distributed teams management. Developer of DASH cryptocurrency.


Igor Solovyov


17 years of experience in business development, marketing, project management, and product development strategy. 5 years as a CEO in UniSender.

Max Solovyov


22 years of experience across business development, sales and strategy in eCommerce.
5 years as a Head of Sales Department in UniSender.

Den Chikalov

Chief Operating Officer

13 years in marketing, project management, business and product development. 8 years in C-level Executive Positions, 5 years in startups, 4 years in eCommerce.

Serhii Myrko

Head of Development

10+ years of Business/Functional Analysis experience in retail and software product companies. 5 years of project management experience.

Roman Krutko

Data Scientist

Over 10 years of experience in project management and business analysis.

Lyudmila Glazyeva

Head of Public Relations

4 years experience in promoting company’s digital presence and increasing brand awareness with commitment to highest quality.

Tonya Makarenko

Strategic Partner Development Manager

Three years of experience in project management, marketing strategy, and communications. She specializes in devising comprehensive development strategy, stimulating customer engagement and spreading the word about company accomplishments.

Igor Stavytskyi

Senior Software Engineer

5+ years as senior software engineer. Proficient in building client-server, web and desktop applications at enterprise-scale.

Stas Havryliuk

Chief Partnership & Customer Officer

4 years as a Head of Customer Service Department with strong expertise in business and customer development, project and customer success management

Alex Kagan

Head of Performance Marketing

3+ years of experience in digital marketing, project management and E-Commerce.

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  • Meet Magento Czech Republic 2016
  • WOLVES SUMMIT Warsaw 2016
  • iForum 2016
  • E-commerce Expo & Awards Berlin 2016
  • IRCE 2016
  • Meet Magento Germany 2016
  • Marketing Catalyxers 2017
  • E-komercija 2017 Vilnius
  • Global Predictive Analytics Conference 2017 Santa Clara
  • Meet Magento Netherlands 2016
  • IRCE 2017 Chicago
  • WebSummit Lisbon
  • May 4th, PToken private meetup, Hong Kong
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